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Ashleigh is originally from San Antonio, TX and has been passionate about veterinary medicine since she was 4 years old. She began pursuing this passion at 15 years old by working as a veterinary assistant from high school through college. She moved to College Station in 2015 and received her Bachelors in University Studies of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M and stayed in College Station to complete her Masters in Public Health.

While working on her Masters, Ashleigh focused on a program called One Health to provide a more holistic approach in veterinary medicine.

Ashleigh plans on continuing to pursue her goal of becoming a veterinarian and is building her skills with us until then. When she is not working with your sweet fur babies and her amazing team, she is hanging out with her own sweet mutt, Fargo. She can also be found attending many concerts, reading, or bingeing FRIENDS.

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Ashleigh, Vet Tech