How would my pet acquire this disease?

Feline Leukemia virus is spread by nasal secretions as well as saliva. The number one way the virus is spread is by sharing community water bowls with infected individuals.

Should I vaccinate my pet for FeLV?

If your cat is outdoors it is HIGHLY recommended that they are vaccinated for this virus. The chance of outdoor cats getting this virus is much higher due to the percentage of stray cats that are not properly vaccinated. Strictly indoor cats have a very low risk of getting this virus, therefore indoor only cats do not need to be vaccinated for feline leukemia.

At what age can my pet receive this vaccination?

Your kitten can receive their initial vaccine at 6-8 weeks old then every 3-4 weeks after for their additional boosters. (3 vaccines total). They will need to receive all boosters to ensure that they are fully protected from this disease.