How would my pet acquire this disease?

These are diseases that cause upper respiratory infections in cats. They can be spread by direct contact or through aerosols of infected individuals.

Should I vaccinate my pet for FVRCP?

Definitely! As kittens they should be vaccinated for these diseases to build their immunity against them. If they are around other cats, they are at risk for contracting any of the diseases at any age.

At what age can my pet receive this vaccination?

Your kitten can receive their initial vaccine at 6-8 weeks old then every 3-4 weeks after for their additional boosters. (4 vaccines total) If you have a cat that is older than 16 weeks old and has never been vaccinated they can receive their initial vaccine then an additional booster 2-4 weeks later. (2 vaccines total) Your pet will need to receive all boosters to ensure that they are fully protected from these diseases.