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Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services believes that Joyful team members make the BEST team members!

Our mission is to be the best veterinarian clinic in both College Station and Houston. Our aim is to not only provide exceptional service and veterinary medicine to our clients and patients, but to create practices that encourage team members to be their best self. I know it sounds lofty, but our heart is to serve people, including those on our team. We do this by:

best practices

By creating practices that allow veterinarians and vet technicians to practice their best medicine.


By creating practices focused on relationships. People are not numbers to us.


By offering flexible work schedules and part time employment opportunities.


And by creating benefit packages that encourage our team to pursue self-care that will allow team members to give their best everyday.

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Working for Chasing Tails has allowed me to create a work schedule that allows me to balance all of the important things in my life. The flexibility of seeing patients in their homes opens up the schedule for me as well as clients. It also creates a better communication platform by getting to know patients in their home environment. I can address challenges for treatments that may not be addressed or even realized in a clinic setting.

Dr. Norris

With the current culture of veterinary medicine, I was desperate to avoid clinical work. Life is too short for rapid appointments, toxic coworkers, and mountains of paperwork. Dr Marvel had to convince me to give mobile life a try, and I have zero regrets! I get to spend quality time with clients and patients, forming close relationships, and I get through it all with dedicated technicians who drive us between appts while I complete records. We offer all the services of standard clinics with a reasonable pace and positive environment. I don't think everyone would be running away from clinical practice if we all practiced this way!

Dr. Lambo

Working for Chasing Tails is an empowering experience. The team work, patient care and positive work environment is like nothing I have previously experienced.

Megan, LVT