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frequently asked questions

Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services wants to make your life easier by coming to you without compromising exceptional veterinary care! We offer full-service personalized veterinary care in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

To learn more about our services, contact us today at 979-217-1694 / 281-815-2387. It’s an honor to be able to serve you!

How much does it cost?

Many of our clients initially thought that a mobile vet clinic would be an expensive option. But in reality, Chasing Tails is often comparable in price to a typical brick and mortar veterinary clinic.

When is the doctor available to see my pet?

You can call, email, or text us! You can also book online through our online booking system. We offer evening (after 5 pm) appointments for clients who work outside the home.

What areas do you service?

We serve all of Bryan & College Station, Houston Heights, Memorial Village, Rice Village, West University Village, River Oaks, Sugar Land, and Katy Texas. Travel fees do apply so please contact us so we can quote you appropriately.

When should I expect the team to arrive?

We try our best to provide you with a specific time for the appointment, but please allow for a 15-minute window for our arrival.  Sometimes, things come up outside of our control like a very sick pet that requires additional care or a mountain of car accidents on our way to your home. It’s frustrating to us too! Please know we do our best to arrive on time, but sometimes we miss the mark when things happen. We always appreciate your understanding. Our team will contact you if we are running behind.

How long is the appointment?

Each pet appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your pet’s needs. In special circumstances, additional time is scheduled. We ask that you are prepared for us to spend a minimum of 45 minutes with you to get your pet the very best care.

Do I always have to be present for the appointments?

After the initial consultation and recommendations are made at the first appointment with you present, you may provide us medical consent to treat without you being home. We will follow up with you via phone or email about the appointment.

What does “full-service veterinary care” mean?

  • Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services offers both wellness and sick pet exams and can run diagnostic lab tests on the go – blood work, urinalyses, cytology, fecal exams, and more.
  • We offer on-site x-rays and ultrasound.
  • Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services can administer all core and non-core vaccines for dogs and cats (including Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Influenza, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia).
  • We bring a fully stocked pharmacy with us so we can treat most acute and chronic conditions without you or your pet having to leave your home.
  • We offer pet hospice services. We can administer fluids, provide wound management, administer injectable medications, and more.
  • Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services is also licensed in veterinary acupuncture, most commonly used for chronic pain management, intervertebral disc disease, and degenerative joint disease.

Do you offer at-home euthanasia?

Yes! We offer gentle at-home euthanasia. Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary Services ensures that you and your pet have a peaceful experience when it comes to saying goodbye. This guarantees a stress-free and quiet environment for your furry companion.

Where are the exams performed?

Inside your home is the most comfortable location for your pet to be. They often think we are coming to visit and just give treats! If you would like the examination to be done outside or inside our van that’s fine too, please just let us know! We are here to serve and make your life easier!

How should I prepare my cat for the appointment?

If your pet typically requires a sedative prior to veterinary visits, please contact us so we can coordinate getting medications to you. Most cats do wonderful in their own homes, even if they are terrified at the vet’s office. Here are some simple recommendations to make it go even smoother: Please DO NOT put your cat inside a carrier; this only makes them more anxious. Please close them off to a small room without furniture they can hide underneath (no beds/couches). Bathrooms work well for this. We have lots of calming tricks and ways to make the veterinary visits as stress-less as possible. Our team is Fear-Free Certified to handle your pet with compassionate care.

Are home visits best for aggressive dogs?

Unfortunately, no. Aggressive or territorial dogs become more amped up in their own environment and their fight drive kicks in when we are on their turf. If you have an aggressive pet, we recommend you contact us first to discuss the details so we can provide the best solution for you and your pet.

How do I pick up refill medications?

Both of our offices, Houston & College Station, have delivery lockers available for you to pick up refill medications. Once you have contacted us and have been notified that your medications are ready for pick up, locker access is available 24-7. We also have an online pharmacy that will ship directly to your home.

What if my pet requires surgery?

Our surgery suite can come to you or you can bring them to us at the office as well! We offer spays, neuters, dental cleanings and extractions, mass removals, and more! Our goal is to provide the best possible surgical care & environment for your pet.

Do you offer Telehealth?

Yes! We are eager to serve our clients and provide solutions in the most convenient ways! Once we have established an in-person relationship with you and your pet, we are happy to do telehealth consults. Please be aware, some conditions are better treated in person and we must have seen your pet in-person within the last year to be able to provide this service. If you are interested in telehealth, please reach out to our team to schedule the appointment and make sure it’s a good fit for you. Telehealth fees start at $55.00/ consult.