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At Home Pet Euthanasia

For pet owners, there is no harder decision than “saying goodbye” to a beloved cat or animal. They’re part of your family. Chasing Tails Veterinary Services offers at-home euthanasia in both our Houston and College Station Texas service areas, providing a less stressed environment for both you and your furry companion. By staying at home, your pet’s last moments are peaceful and quiet.

Why Choose At Home Pet Euthanasia?

Putting your animal to sleep at home is a kind choice for the pet. This means that your dog or cat will be in a familiar environment and not in a strange, cold, and sterile veterinarian office. It means you will not have to go through the hassle and trauma of driving your dog or cat to the vet office, perhaps through busy traffic and then transporting the animal into the vet office, waiting for some time, and then conducting the euthanasia.Pet Euthanasia Houston Texas

As a mobile vet service in both Houston and College Station, we offer a full set of veterinarian services from the beginning of life as a puppy or kitty, to mid life as an adult, to the end of life when it’s time to say goodbye. Our goal throughout is to offer best-in-class services that are easy for the pet owner and for the pet. This includes at home euthanasia services in both Houston and College Station for dogs and cats.

Next Steps

If you’re considering euthanasia for your pet and you live in either Houston or College Station, give us a call. Our helpful staff can discuss when it’s the right time to put your pet to sleep and explain further how our at-home euthanasia service works for you. Remember: we are a mobile vet so our entire service offering is “at home.” Euthanasia is just one part of our service offerings and we do this in the most respectful, kind, and loving way when it’s that time for your pet.

Contact us today to learn more.