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Laser Therapy for Your Pet

We are excited to offer your pet the best non-invasive natural pain treatment on the market with our cold laser therapy. Laser therapy is a safe and powerful technology that uses a Super Pulsed Laser light to stimulate cell regeneration. Cold laser therapy has been used for acute/chronic pain in humans such as back pain, muscle strain, arthritis pain and more; now a new safe and effective treatment is offered in veterinary care. Laser therapy can be helpful in providing accelerated pain relief and healing by decreasing pain and inflammation, promoting blood flow to the affected areas, and enabling arthritic animals to be more active.

Cold Laser therapy is beneficial for post-operative incisions, dermatological abnormalities including hot spots and lick granulomas, osteoarthritis, ear infections, disk disease, anal gland inflammation and more. If there is infection, blue light can also be used to decrease the bacteria amount and help prevent any more from growing.

Laser Therapy Packages Start at just $25.00 per 20 minute session. Contact us today to learn more: 979-217-1694.