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Now You Can Have a Vet That Visits You at Home. It Beats Going to a Surgery

By March 21, 2021August 11th, 2021No Comments

The best vet in College Station, Texas? The one that you don’t go to. The one who comes to you. The ones who makes house calls. At Chasing Tails, we lead the College Station market with our best-in-class mobile vet service. Discover how easy it is for you and your dog or cat. Our job? Be the best vet in College Station, Texas, one pet at a time.veterinarian

When you keep pets, of any sort, from time to time they are going to need the services of a vet in the same way that you need to see a doctor. From time to time they may get ill in the same way that we humans do. Or they may suffer an accident and break a leg. Even if they don’t, they will need vaccines and boosters from time to time. They may need anti-flea treatments or de-worming. There can be all sorts of different reasons why they need to see the vet.

However, just like us humans who can get stressed visiting the doctor, they may get stressed when they get taken to the vet. They have to sit in a waiting room with assorted other animals, many of which are not the same species and have different scents. Dogs may bark. Cats may meow. There could be gerbils, hamsters, geckos, and even snakes: lots of different creatures that they have never heard of.

For many pets, the first time they visit the vet they suffer stress because they are surrounded by all these other animals and they don’t know what to expect. The second time they visit the vet they suffer stress because they do know what to expect!

This Is Why Our Vets Come To You

This is why, at Chasing Tails, our vets come to you. That means that your pet is not going to suffer stress at all because he/she is at home in familiar surroundings and there is just your pet, or pets, and family as usual. Everything is fine as far as your pet is concerned. Yes, there is this strange woman who looks him over and fiddles about with him/her, but hey! He’s at home. And when she has finished whatever she is doing, he can run out into the yard and play with his ball as usual.

This is why we are the best vet in College Station, Texas, because we find that many of the pets that we see come to regard us as friends who visit the family home from time to time in the same way as other friends do.

And as far as we are concerned, if your pet is happy, that is the way it should be.