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At Chasing Tails We Will Put Your Dog to Sleep Painlessly When It’s Time

By March 23, 2021August 11th, 2021No Comments

A dog is a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, and they can give us unfettered joy during their lives. Lots and lots of walkies in the woods, by a lake, playing ball in the yard, and so much more. Many dog owners would prefer to be with their dog rather than with certain family members in some cases!Chasing Tails provides painless euthanasia for your dog at home

When you have a dog, it needs a lot of exercise, and one of the great things about that is that it gives us a lot of exercise as well. OK, we may not go running around in a field in circles for the sheer joy of doing it, as many younger dogs do, but we still get lots of walking on a daily basis, and that is good for our health as well as that of Rover.

Of course, some owners love their dog so much that they have a tendency to spoil it by constantly feeding it tit bits. That is not such a good idea, because it can cause a dog to become overweight, even though it is being done with love. The best thing for your dog is a balanced diet, in the same way that it is the best thing for us. At Chasing Tails, we can help you with advice on this if you wish.

A Mobile Vet Service That Comes To You

Furthermore, when your dog needs the attentions of a vet, we come to you in Houston and College Station. Yes, we are a mobile veterinary service, and we come to your home, bringing with us everything that we are going to need. It’s just like going to the vet, except we do everything in your own home. This is great for your dog, because many of them feel stressed and uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room at a surgery surrounded by lots of other animals.

One thing that is sad about keeping a dog is that they simply do not live as long as we do. When you keep dogs, it is something that you have to understand: every now and again you will lose one. That doesn’t make it any easier when the time comes but putting your dog down at home is the least stressful for your friend.

Putting your dog down at home means that he is among friends and this makes it a peaceful way for him to go when the time is right. And it is the last gift that you can give to a sick and aged animal. Unfortunately that time may come, and we offer dog euthanasia and cat euthanasia in the comfort of an environment that they know and trust.

We make putting your dog down at home painless. He, or she, will be unconscious in seconds, and pass away among family and friends.

You may wish to bury your dog in your yard, and that is fine. Many people do. If not, we will make sure that your dog’s remains are cared for in a professional, compassionate, and timely manner.