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Cats Hate Going to the Vets, so at Chasing Tails Our Vets Come To You

By October 22, 2021No Comments

When you keep a cat, you do not “own” it. Rather, the cat owns you – as any long-term cat owner will tell you. Cats do their own “thing”, and one of those things is that they are territorial. They have their own territory, and they don’t like leaving it.

Our vets visit your cat at home.

Furthermore, they will mark out their territory by taking several different actions. They mark with scent glands on their feet, cheeks, face, and tail, as well as with urine. Cheek rubbing and scratching leaves an odour from the glands, and of course scratching can also leave a visible mark. By doing this, the cat is telling other animals that it was there even if it is not so at that moment. It marks out the territory to other cats and tells them that it “owns” that territory.

Cats will also mark things if there is a change in the household routine, or living arrangements, and when outdoors they usually mark around the edge of the property. They will also mark new things in the yard, such as if you plant a small new tree for example. Marking in this way also advertises sexual receptivity and availability.

This means that, although you need your cat to see the vet for its’ vaccinations and other needs, it doesn’t want to leave its’ territory, and will complain vociferously if you try to put it in a basket for a trip to see the vet.

Your Cat Doesn’t Need To Leave It’s Territory

But if you use the best veterinarians in Sugar Land, Texas, Chasing Tails, your cat doesn’t need to leave its’ territory because we come to you. In fact, that is why we are known as the best veterinarians in Sugar Land, Texas, because when you – or rather, your cat – needs to see the vet, there is going to be no stress. Your cat can stay at home in its’ own territory where it is happy and comfortable.

Indeed, as visiting vets, we often find that cat pets recognize us as soon as we arrive at the door and come up to us, rubbing their cheeks on our legs, because they know us and certainly seem to like us. Our cat owners like us too, because they don’t have to chase the cat around the house trying to catch it and put it into the basket.

Using the best veterinarians in Sugar Land, Texas for your cat’s needs keeps everybody happy – you, and most importantly the head of the household – your cat!