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Why Go to the Vet in Houston if the Vet Will Come to You?

By June 5, 2021August 11th, 2021No Comments

Houston pet Moms and Dads want the best for their dogs and cats! They often scour the web looking for the top-rated vet. We rank highly on those searches, but we work even harder to be the top-rated vet, one pet at a time. A Houston vet who comes to your petWe take the time to care for your dog and cat – but in the comfort of their own homes. We’re not just a top-rated vet. We’re a mobile vet service!

Much as we love our pets and as clever as they can be, there are always going to be times when they need to see the vet. This is no different from us human beings really. There are times when we need to see the doctor because we are not well. And there are other times we need to see the doctor for routine things such as flu jabs – and recently, Covid-19 jabs. This is preventative treatment.

It’s The Same For Pets

And it’s the same for our pets. They need to see the vet for similar reasons. Unfortunately, when they need a distemper booster or rabies vaccine, we can’t explain to them what it’s all about as we can to our children. And if they are unwell, we can’t help them to understand that being bundled into the car and driven off somewhere is going to help to make them feel better. Even worse, when they get to the surgery, they are surrounded by a lot of strangers that they’ve never seen who are barking, meowing, and so on.

In short, going to the vet is distressing for your pet cat or dog for the simple reason that it doesn’t understand where it is going or why.

However, the tables are completely turned when the vet comes to you, as we do at Chasing Tails – top-rated vets in Houston, Texas. This means that your pet won’t suffer any distress because he or she is in his normal home surroundings. In fact, a lot of our patients – if you can call them that – are very happy to see us when we call. As top-rated vets in Houston, Texas, we get a lot of excited tail-wagging and purring when we arrive on the doorstep (not both from the same animal of course!) and meet our regular “customers”. We are their friends.

And it’s not just dogs and cats. As top-rated vets in Houston, Texas, we can help with any of your pets – parrots, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, chickens, tortoises, and more. None of them will suffer any distress, and you don’t have to bring them to the surgery because the surgery comes to you.