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If It’s Time for Your Pet to Go, the Best Choice Might be At Home Euthanasia

By November 21, 2021No Comments

Saying goodbye to a precious pet is never easy. We know, as we say goodbye to quite a few pets – both cats and dogs – in College Station, Houston, and Sugar Land, Texas. Each situation is unique, and they all bring tears to our eyes.

Pet euthanasia is best for your pet when done at home

But our pets live joyful and happy lives. The give unrequited love and they get love. We have many happy years with them in most cases, because of the love and fun which they provide – and in the case of dogs they also see to it that we get a lot of exercise which is good for us. In fact, some younger dogs will happily walk 10 miles or more – or they would if we could keep up with them!

But there comes a time when a pet may be old and become ill and is in pain. A cat might get injured having been hit by a car and be so badly injured that it is suffering. In these circumstances it is our duty as pet owners to bring that suffering to an end at home euthanasia in College Station, Sugar Land, or greater Houston Texas. It is the very last act of love that you can show to your friend. We cannot do that for our fellow human beings who may be suffering in the same way, but we can for our pets.

You Need What Is Best For Your Pet

At home euthanasia in College Station, Houston, or Sugar Landy may the best thing for your pet because he or she is in familiar surroundings with the people who they love and who love them in return. If you have never had to do this for a pet, the fact is that at home euthanasia is actually very quick for your pet because it involves an injection which will knock them unconscious in just a few seconds.

When your pet has been euthanised, if you have a yard, you may very well want to bury them at home, and of course you can do just that if you wish. Many pet owners do that. If you don’t have a yard or you don’t want your pet’s remains buried there, then we will ensure that they are cared for in a timely and caring manner.

You might also wish to have your pet buried in a pet cemetery and there are two in College Station – Reveille Gravesite and Ranger’s Gravesite – so that is another alternative.

Whatever you decide upon, the fact is that euthanasia at home is the best thing for your pet and is the last gift that you can give.